Wednesday, February 22, 2012

3D Games for Learning Awards Ceremony

On January 20th 2012, we held our 3D Games for Learning Game Design Competition Prize Awards Ceremony at the Games Solution Centre. The Competition which was open to all teachers and staff at all local educational institutions in Singapore gathered over 40 entries from Teachers in Singapore. The Game concepts submitted by the Teachers were judged by us based on clarity of the game concept, content in Concept-Pitch document and sound pedagogical principles.

The games created were showcased at our Awards ceremony and the feedback was outstanding. The Teachers were amazed to see their Concepts in action and with Multi-player interactivity. Some of the Game concepts included very unique Collectibles that we were able to show in the 3D Worlds because of the immense collection of various items in Esoteric Editor’s Objects library. The vast collection of items enables Game designers to customize the game as needed. The Games also included Artificial Intelligence features that were logic based and required the player to do some thinking before attempting a challenge within the game. Because of the flexibility of the Editor’s Artificial Intelligence engine, the Games can be made easy or difficult as desired by the Game designer.

Soon after the official ceremony, we shared a lot of the tips and tricks with the Teachers to custom design their games. Many of them were surprised by the ease with which complex games can be created on Esoteric Editor since typically such complex ideas require quite of bit of programming and knowledge of various tools before even attempting designing a Game. Thanks to our Esoteric Editor, these are all things of the past! The Esoteric is easier to use than Powerpoint!

Some of the pictures from our Ceremony are posted below:

PWS's Siddharth Jain showing the audience some games made on 3DHive 

Teachers from Greenridge Primary moving to collect their prize

Guest of Honour Mr. Wong gives the prize to Madrasah Al-Arabiah

 Guest of Honour Mr. Poo Mun Wong addresses the Audience 

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