Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Three simple Steps to your first 3D Game (Part III)

Part 3 of 4


Step 2

Decide the game type

While Esoteric can help youcreate many different kinds of games it is important that you know at the veryout set what kind of game you are trying to create. Here are some examples ofgameplay definitions:

  • Individual: Every player has their own goal to accomplish
  • Social: Players have broad goals that they can achieve only byworking with other players
  • Team Based: Every team has their own goal to accomplish
  • Enforced: Players are pre assigned teams and goals and must adhereto these assignments
  • Emergent: Players can form relationships within the game based onneeds and circumstances and may be able to set their own objectives.
  • Collaborative: All players are required to work together
  • Directly Competitive: Some players must defeat other players tosucceed
  • Resource Competitive: Players have different goals but must contendfor resources
  • Parallel objectives: Players have goals that have little or nobearing on other players’ goals
  • Adventure: The game has a clearly defined story and characters thatunfold as the player progresses.
  • Action: The focus of the game is on the interaction between theplayers
  • Exploration: The Game has a rich environment with a wealth ofinformation for the player to explore
  • Mystery: The player must figure out the story and objective of thegame.
  • Historical: The situations and characters in the game are based onhistorical events and figures.
  • Contemporary: The game is based in a modern and realistic world
  • Fiction: The Situations and characters in the game are fictionalthough the world is realistic (may be contemporary or historical).
  • Fantasy: The Situations and characters in the game are fictionaland the world is also fantasy.

Clear Gameplay definitions helpyou plan both the layout and logical objects and relationships in your game.Try to write a short description of what the player will experience as he playsyour game. 

...To be continued 

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