Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Three simple Steps to your first 3D Game (Part I)

Part 1 of 4

So you have decided to bite thebullet and develop a 3D Game with esoteric. You will discover that Esoteric isboth powerful and, if you know what you are making, an extremely easy to usetoolset. Esoteric has broken up the process of game making into an easy‘point-and-click’ workflow that requires no technical knowledge to perform.

It has been designed from ground up for use in the classroomand has a host of features you can employ to make your lessons more effectiveand engaging.

For most people, be itprofessional game developers with years of experience or an amateur just startingout, the hardest part of designing a game is, usually, deciding what to make.From divine inspiration to thorough perspiration there are many ways to goabout this decision making process. This guide provides some pointers onapproaching it in 3 simple steps. These are:

P.S. Usually a good Idea to startwith Step 1 J

… To be continued  

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